Why Johnny

Since being given the honour of becoming your MP in 2015, I have worked day in day out to improve the lives of everyone who lives in Plymouth. From winning funds to set up a Veteran’s Gateway right here in Plymouth, to forcing the Government to do a review of Public Health settlements in Plymouth; from closing the Iraqi Historical Allegations Team abuse of our Servicemen and women, to putting Mental Health at the centre of the city’s health and wellbeing strategy; from working with business and governement to achieve a 600 job investment directly into Plymouth to securing a £5m Government investment to redevelop and improve our outdated rail station – I’ve dedicated myself to you, and I’d be humbled if you would let me continue to serve you in Parliament.

But it’s just been two years, and I want to do more. I need your help to do it. Politics should not be the preserve of simply those who can spare their personal cash. I raise personally all my funds. If you feel willing, if you are able, please consider donating any amount to help with the running of my campaign; it all goes exclusively on leaflets and signage.