Plymouth MP helps keep Post Office open

Plymouth MP helps keep Post Office open

Update on local MP’s support to keep Post Office open

Further to my recent post regarding the Glenholt shop, I wanted to provide an update.  I am aware that there was a recent public meeting which many of you were able to attend.  I am sorry due to commitments in Westminster I was unable to be there, but did send representatives.  Feedback from that meeting  indicates that the main focus is to reinstate some sort of Post Office service, in whatever guise is most sustainable.

On speaking with the Post Office, I now understand that two expressions of interest have been withdrawn, which is very disappointing.  The search for a postmaster continues and the option of reopening the Post Office remains live.  However, I have been in contact with the leaseholder and understand an expression of interest in both shop and Post Office remains open, is with solicitors at present and I will remain in close and regular contact with the leaseholder as matters progress.  Whilst until the legal process is completed there are no guarantees, this looks very positive as a way forward.

In the interim it seems sensible that a temporary hub and postmaster be secured, to ensure some continuity of service and today the Post Office have advised me they too are keen to have a temporary solution in place.  Father Simon has also confirmed he is happy to take this on at St Anne’s Church.  I am therefore facilitating discussions between Father Simon and the Post Office.  I remain extremely positive that a solution, both temporary and long term, can be found in the near future.

As I have said before I am aware that were are at a busy time politically on a national level, but it is not lost on me the importance of this local service to my constituents in Glenholt and I will continue to do all I can to support and achieve a resolution.


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