a note from Johnny…


a note from Johnny…

It has been one of the busiest weeks in the job.

I did my Autumn surgery tour this week, having a series of drop in events in every ward across Plymouth Moor View. It was terrific to see so many of you turn up and give me your thoughts; I am always humbeld by your kind words, and I very much appreciate the conversations. I can only represent you properly if you give me your unvarnished truth, so I thank you for taking the time for coming to see me.

Nationally I have run a campaign against the exploitation of our Servicemen and Women by the judicial process. Over 50 different pieces of media were produced, across both publications and broadcast media, stretching at times around the world. I have made it clear that the way we currently treat our Servicemen and Women going thorugh this process is appalling, becoming a national disgrace.

You can read a selection of the articles here.

A short one this week – I need some rest over the weekend. Soldiers are in their nature fiercely loyal and committed to this Nation, and I remain so to the Government. But this is a duty, not a policy decision or fiscal ambition, but a duty to look after our people, and we must not tire in that pursuit.

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