a note from Johnny…


a note from Johnny…

not Westminster’s voice in Plymouth

but Plymouth’s voice in Westminster

Good evening

With a special acknowledgement that it is a Friday evening and another well deserved weekend is forthcoming, I will keep this update short.

This week, we have seen some real progress on some work I have been doing on military personnel facing the never ending investigation associated with historical allegations. The PM announced we would in future derrogate from European Human Rights law for war-fighting – a policy which has driven the vast majority of these spurious claims. This is a complex issue – one that has very little do with upholding the law, but instead providing a self financing monster of a machine that simply exists to line pockets. I wrote in the Telegraph on it here.

I put together video here with a timeline of how things unfolded. In the meantime, I am still progressing my Defence Committee Inquiry into the matter.

Turning towards Plymouth we did get some good news regarding the soldiers based at Stonehouse Barracks. Responding to a letter I wrote here the MOD have confirmed that they are looking principally at RM Tamar as a new base for marines currently at Stonehouse. No firm decision has been made yet, but I am positive of the way things are going at present.

Further objectives this week were fulfilled by conducting Plymouth’s second ‘Brain Drain’ conference, which we have decided will instead be called “Retaining Talent in Plymouth”, because it is… a better name! You can read about that here. We followed it up by our first – and very successful –  “Youth Conference” asking young people why they might want to leave Plymouth; you can read about that one here.

As always, if you need to get in touch you can call 01752 876979 or email me using the symbol below. If you want to keep more current, please click on any of the Social Media symbols below to keep up to date on that platform.

I hope you all have a great weekend.


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