a note from Johnny…


a note from Johnny…

Good morning!

Forgive the early morning mail; I’m on Good Morning Britain this morning at 0645hrs, and then the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 at 0730hrs talking about the demise of Phil Shiner, who drove many of the allegations against British Troops in Iraq. Tune in if you fancy it; if you missed it by not getting up at this ungodly hour, I entirely understand. 

It’s been a rather momentous week in Parliament where the vote went through by some distance, to authorise the Prime Minister to trigger Article 50 and initiate the process of the UK leaving the EU. For me, I could not understand why anyone would oppose this. We are your servants; democracy of and by the people. The people have spoken – very clearly. We have a duty to implement it. 

There were some terrific contributions to the debates. I thought the rather manic ecstasy of some of my colleagues rather short sighted, but the pessimism of others a little misplaced. There can be no doubt it will be a challenge, with perhaps some short term particular challenges with the economy post March 17. But there can be no doubt that our best days lie ahead; we are a proud, fair, enterprising and global Great Britain, and I am very much looking forward to forging Plymouth’s place in that in the years to come. 

The lawyer who drove so much of the IHAT operations was struck off on Thursday 2nd February. There can be no doubt that he should have been stopped far sooner. I look forward to seeing what I can do to seek some sort of reparations on behalf of those who’s lives have been irrevocably damaged by his endeavours. There are more than just him though, and I will continue to pursue Shiner’s type with the same vigour with which he has pursued our soldiers to ensure we are far more robust aginst this sort of threat to our people in the future.


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