a note from Johnny…


a note from Johnny…

A day is a long time in politics..! Today I was looking forward to another long day on the doors, focussed on who is best to lead our Country through the deep challenges of BREXIT. Instead it became all about the Prime Minister’s social care policy announced in the manifesto last week. The issue was raised almost consistently on the doors today, and so I thought it best first to make clear my view.

Social care has long been a totemic policy issue and for too long it has been swept under the carpet for the next generation to deal with. With that in mind, I am glad that the Prime Minister has signalled a willingness to get to grips with how we deliver social care. In Plymouth, we are already ahead of the curve and are starting to lead the nation in health and social care resourcing, planning and delivery. But this is a complex issue and we need to work with the Prime Minister’s proposals to ensure we find the right balance in creating a fair and sustainable system, while also ensuring that we guarantee that most basic and natural of human instincts to want to pass something onto the next generation and give them that step up. The Prime Minister has shown she is willing to listen on important policy decisions before and I know this will be the same on this occasion.

The Conservative Party has historically looked after pensioners – and rightly so. Those who work hard all their lives deserve to be looked after – and that direction of travel is not about to change. But we must have a conversation about Social care; I have made my feelings very clear that we must confront this challenge. So whilst this particular venture into that arena may need some polish, we should welcome the conversation and contribute to it.

Ultimately nothing has changed. This election is about who is going to lead the UK through BREXIT. You have the option of Theresa May – focussed, robust, emminently sensible and yet bold.. 

or Jeremy Corbyn.

Key dates for your diary

Tuesday 23 May – 6.30pm Facebook Live

Weds 24th May – 7pm   Church of the Holy Spirit Hall, Southway

Thurs 25th May – 7pm   Cherry Tree Pub, Ham Drive

Mon 29th May – 7pm   Tamar View Community Centre, Miers Cl

Weds 31st May – 7pm   YMCA Kitto Centre, Honicknowle Lane

Thurs 1st June – 7pm   Elm Centre, Estover

Fri 2nd June – 7pm   St Mary’s Church Hall, Tamerton Foliot

Mon 5th June – 8.15pm St Budeaux Community Centre,

With these meetings scheduled both ‘on-line’ and real, and seven hours every day knocking on your doors listening to Plymothians, I hope that those of you – who want to – will take the opportunity to ask me anything you want at all. We have had a couple of brilliant meetings already – yes they do get quite tough, but one thing you will always get is my honesty – you will always get that.  

Thanks as ever for the support – it keeps me going!


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