a note from Johnny…

a note from Johnny…

“This week started with a lunch meeting with Chancellor George Osborne on Monday with my other MP’s from the South West, to talk about the Railway.

It was fantastic to see the collegiate approach and togetherness from all of the MP’s present, to force home the message of how important the railway is to the SW, and in particular to Plymouth. It really did show the value of returning an almost entirely Conservative set of MP’s here in the SW, and I am confident that in five years time, we will have delivered significantly on the Government’s promises of a faster, more resilient rail link.

A row erupted locally concerning Veteran’s care. I have always been clear that Government and Administrations, local and national, of all colours, have failed to look after our Servicemen and Women when they leave, to a good enough standard. Accused of ‘politicising veteran’s care’ by individuals clutching at straws to get in the paper ahead of local elections in May, was very sad. Never underestimate how low some will go in the world of local politics. I ignored it deliberately, and I hope this was not seen as anything other than a refusal to get involved in a rather poisonous debate. I will of course continue unabated on my mission to improve Veterans care nationally and locally. The Nation has a duty to complement the various and brilliant Service Charity providers; I am determined that both locally and nationally, the State will fulfil it’s duty by those who have served.”

This week, Johnny also:

  • Asked the PM in the HoC to ensure we look after those under investigation by the Iraq Historical Allegations Team
  • Met with the Rail Minister (with colleagues) to secure funding for studies into the main rail-link
  • Facilitated the first meeting between the MoD and Council to advance discussions on releasing Defence land to support the Barne Barton Neighbourhood plan
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