An update on work this government is doing around animal welfare


An update on work this government is doing around animal welfare

As part of our domestic law (Animal Welfare Act 2006) if an animal is capable of experiencing pain and suffering, it is by definition sentient and protected under that domestic law. This is clearly right and proper and I am proud that the UK already goes further than many other European countries in terms of animal welfare. I believe that amendment 30 was simply a duplication of a protection already afforded in law in this country. My vote therefore was based on that belief; and absolutely not due to a disregard for animal welfare, on which I hold strong opinions.  Last week’s vote was simply the rejection of a faulty amendment, which would not have achieved its stated aims of providing appropriate protection for animals.
This government is already proposing primary legislation to increase maximum sentences for animal cruelty from six months to five years, and the creation of a new statutory, independent body to uphold environmental standards.  This goes further than current EU instruments which have not delivered the progress we would wish for and in some instances restrict the action we can take.
I look forward to having the opportunity to further our laws in this regard once we leave the EU, but would reiterate that I support the work already being done to continue and strengthen our record on animal welfare.

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