Want to know more about the EU referendum

Almost everyone I have spoken to so far has said they want to know more. This is something I understand entirely. The decision facing voters on June 23rd is a big one and it is right to want to be properly prepared, but finding that information can be difficult.

Below I have included links to government websites, online newspapers, media outlets and campaign groups so you have an easy list of where to go to find out more information. Some of the sources are written from a particular viewpoint, but I have tried to offer as many balanced links as possible so you can see both sides fairly.

I have also included links to two of the campaign groups vying to be the official campaign group on either side of the referendum debate, so you know what they have to say, but also if you want to join in.

Have a look through and see if there is any useful information, anything you might not have known, or perhaps something that reaffirms your beliefs. Once you’ve done that, I am trying to find out what way Plymouth thinks we should vote and it would be great to here from you – you can cast your vote in my online poll here [link].

At the bottom of the page I have included a link for those who aren’t registered to vote. The cut-off date to register in the local elections is 18th April and 7th June to vote in the EU referendum.



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