Johnny Mercer attends landmark Mental Health 5 year forward view review in Parliament: Pledge secured for additional tools for MP’s to hold CCGs and Government to account


Johnny Mercer attends landmark Mental Health 5 year forward view review in Parliament: Pledge secured for additional tools for MP’s to hold CCGs and Government to account

Local MP Johnny Mercer today joined a Parliamentary review on the future of mental health service provision. This review follows the delivery, earlier this year, by the independent Mental Health Taskforce of a ‘Five Year Forward View’ report for Mental Health. The report provided a review of the current state of mental health service provision and made recommendations as to how the service could be radically improved. NHS England accepted all of the recommendations in the report.

The Taskforce’s recommendations include three priority actions for the NHS by 2020/21:

– a 7 day NHS: right care, right time, right quality

– an integrated approach to mental and physical health

– promoting good mental health and preventing poor mental health

Johnny was invited to the briefing review in Parliament to set out the current status of implementation. The briefing was delivered by members of the Taskforce, which included Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of the mental health charity Mind, and leaders from across NHS England.

As part of the Government’s commitment, and using the extra £1billion delivered by the Government by 2020 for Mental Health service provision, NHS England aims to deliver the following by 2020:

– 70,000 more children to access evidence-based mental health care interventions

– Intensive home treatment to be available in every part of England as an alternative to hospital

– A 10% reduction in suicide and all agencies to have prevention plans in place by 2017

– 600,000 more people to have access to evidence-based psychological therapy

– 60% of people experiencing a psychosis episode to access care within two weeks

– No acute hospital to be without all-age mental health liaison services

– Mental health provision for those with learning disabilities to be reviewed to ensure appropriate beds are available

– An extra 30,000 women to be given evidence-based perinatal care access

– 280,000 people will be given access to physical health checks and interventions

– Each CCG will have its mental health performance monitored and its performance will be published quarterly for constituents to review:

However, the Plymouth MP, speaking during the debate, said:

“I know many people, ranging from a carers group I met with last Friday in St. Budeaux to care professionals in the local authority are all rather tired of seeing plans, an opinion which I also share. What people in Plymouth want is something delivered and a service that backs up the commitment by this Government of parity of esteem between mental and physical health.”

Johnny also asked that more publicity be given to the quarterly mental health performance reviews, and that when they are released quarterly, that each Member of Parliament across the United Kingdom be emailed with details for their CCG. This suggestion was taken up, and Johnny now hopes that this suggestion will be the first but important step in increasing transparency and accountability of CCG’s for Mental Health services.

Notes to editors:

  1. Johnny has become known as a prominent national Mental Health campaigner, and forms part of the board of Money and Mental Health, with Luciana Berger and Norman Lamb.
  2. His first priority however remains establishing Plymouth as a centre of excellence in Mental Health provision and achieving genuine parity for mental health.
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