Health Minister visits Plymouth too see leading example of health and social care integration


Health Minister visits Plymouth too see leading example of health and social care integration

On Thursday 30 March, Health Minister, David Mowat MP, visited Mount Goud Local Care Centre in Plymouth to see first hand the excellent work that has been done in Plymouth to integrate health & social care. Led by Steve Waite, Chief Executive at Livewell Southwest, the Minister was taken on a tour of the site and stopped to speak to several of the teams along the way. 

The visit to Plymouth comes on the back of an invite from the Plymouth MP in a question he put to the Minister in October 2016, during Health Questions in the House of Commons. In response and during his visit, Mr Mowat recognised the efforts of Plymouth in developing integration across the city.

Following his tour, the Minister met with health bosses from across the city in a roundtable to get a more in-depth briefing on the strategic projects underway to improve and maintain the health of Plymothians.


After the tour, Mr Mercer, said:

“I really embrace the opportunity to show Ministers some of the exemplary work that we are doing in Plymouth when it comes to health care. From integration, to innovative public health programmes and improving mental health provision, Plymouth is genuinely at forefront of what is going on in healthcare nationally. 

“But I also think these opportunities are good for Ministers to meet the people on the ground, so they can hear first-hand of what is working and what is not. On top of this, it is a really valuable thing for those working on the ground to get to speak to Ministers, to know that they are interested and appreciative of the work they are doing. The gap between Whitehall and the frontline can be large sometimes, so it is always important to bridge that when the opportunity arrives and maintain that connection between the policy-makers and those delivering.

“A special thanks has to go to Livewell South West who were the fantastic hosts and who showed why there are a shining example of the kind of excellent healthcare professionals living and working in Plymouth. It is always a pleasure to visit.”

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