IHAT boss due before parliamentary committee, chaired by Plymouth MP


IHAT boss due before parliamentary committee, chaired by Plymouth MP

Tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday 15 November, the Director of the Iraq Historical Allegations Team (IHAT), Mark Warwick, is due to be hauled before the Defence subcommittee looking into support for former and serving personnel subject to judicial processes.

Since the announcing the inquiry late in 2015, Johnny Mercer, MP for Plymouth Moor View and chair of the subcommittee inquiry, has held several public evidence sessions in Westminster seeking to understand the series of events that has become known as a ‘national disgrace’.

Speaking prior to the evidence, Mr Mercer, said:

“Almost as soon as I was elected last year I started to receive correspondence from people who had been under investigation by IHAT and I was astounded to hear some of the things they had been put through.

“I believe that the British armed forces hold themselves to the highest standard and that any indiscretions should be investigated. However, some of the feedback I have received, some of which I have read reported in the press, has been absolutely horrifying. People being dragged from their homes under false pretences, taken miles away for questioning and who have essentially accused the state of abduction.

“At tomorrow’s session, I will be putting their stories to the man in charge of the operation to start to try and get some answers.”



Notes to editors

  1. Johnny Mercer MP is Chair of the subcommittee inquiry into MOD support for serving and former personnel subject judicial processes, set up by the overarching House of Commons Defence Select Committee.
  2. Mark Warwick, Director of IHAT, will be appearing in front of the committee from 1415 on Tuesday 15 November in Committee Room 8 of the House of Commons.
  3. You can find more details of the inquiry at the Defence Committee’s inquiry page, here.
  4. For any questions, contact Ben Coltham on 0207 219 2648.


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