Johnny Mercer MP welcomes changes to Disabled Parking Bay criteria


Johnny Mercer MP welcomes changes to Disabled Parking Bay criteria

Johnny Mercer, MP for Plymouth Moor View, has welcomed news that Plymouth City Council have altered their criteria for a disabled parking bay after he pushed them to change their previous policy. 

Last November, Johnny highlighted the issues faced by holders of Blue Badges who cannot drive themselves due to a physical disability or because they are too young and called on Plymouth City Council to change their policy, specifically to more adequately fit the needs of Carers. 

Until recently, a key criterion for a Blue Badge holder to apply for a disabled parking bay outside their home was that they were the driver of the car. In situations where the person is physically unable or is too young to drive, this immediately meant their application would be rejected.

Earlier this year, Johnny continued to put pressure on Plymouth City Council when he met with key local Officials responsible for the Disabled Parking Bay Policy. Today, Mr Mercer welcomed news that as a result of his lobbying, the amended policy now states the following:

‘…consideration will be given to persons other than the driver of the vehicle where there is substantial medical evidence that the applicant requires constant care and supervision and as a consequence would place them at risk if left unattended for any length of time. In these instances, the driver of the vehicle must also reside at the address where the marking is to be provided.


Speaking about this important change in policy, Johnny Mercer said:

‘What may seem like a minor change in wording, could make all the difference in the the world to people in Plymouth who care for others.

‘I am pleased that Plymouth City Council have taken heed of the issues I raised with their previous policy and amended it to mean that the partner or Carer of someone holding a Blue Badge, residing at the same address, may now apply for a disabled parking bay on behalf of their family member.

‘Having pushed Plymouth City Council to implement this simple, yet profound policy change, I welcome this outcome difference it will make for Carers across my constituency and the city as a whole.’


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