Journey to becoming an MP

I served in the British Army for 12 years across the globe, including three combat tours of Afghanistan.
I had children and wanted to improve the society they grew up in here in the UK.
I thought Plymouth, and specifically Veterans, Young People and Mental Health sufferers deserved better.
I decided to stand for Parliament; politics did not work for so many of us – I needed to change it.
I joined the Conservative Party – I could not join Labour after they wrecked our economy in 2009 and I feel the Conservatives are the only party with credibility when it comes to the nation’s finances.
I tried to knock on every door in Plymouth Moor View, taking a fresh approach to politics to everybody, regardless of who they voted for last time.

Plymouth voted me to represent them in Westminster.

Now I am continuing to deliver on my 6 pledges:

1. Independent minded Conservative – fighting for Plymouth.

2. Direct Democracy – you call the shots.

3. Community Fund – Community projects

4. Plymouth as a Centre of Excellence for Veterans Care

5. Refusal to vote on UK Transport schemes elsewhere until Plymouth’s are sorted

6. Sack me if I fail you – I will adhere to the Powers of Recall.

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