My letter to Mark Lancaster regarding personnel based at Stonehouse Barracks


My letter to Mark Lancaster regarding personnel based at Stonehouse Barracks

Dear Mark

6 September 2016

It was good to see you yesterday and I hope you enjoyed a good proper break over recess.

Today, it was made public regarding the Government’s intention to sell-off Stonehouse Barracks.

As you are very well aware, the military, and in particular the Navy, are incredibly intertwined in Plymouth’s history, and I believe it’s long-term future. The cultures are mixed and the economy is linked to the investment brought by the military installations based here.

I understand that having multiple sites, some of which were built hundreds of years ago and require significant upkeep, is not particularly efficient financially; I think in earnest that many people can understand that. What I must say, however, is that the jobs currently based at Stonehouse are relied upon by the local economy and we need to keep them in Plymouth. Yet even further to that, there is a very clear human element with people who have built their lives in the city, their families creating networks and their kids at schools, that need not be completely uprooted if these jobs can be redeployed elsewhere within the city.

I would ask you sincerely, I would urge you, what can be done to retain these jobs and these people within Plymouth.

Yours sincerely,

Johnny Mercer

Member of Parliament for Plymouth Moor View

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