My thoughts on the EU Withdrawal Agreement and Implementation Bill

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My thoughts on the EU Withdrawal Agreement and Implementation Bill

In keeping with our commitment to seeing a successful and sovereign Brexit, the Government has announced that it will bring forward a new bill to implement Brexit, to be called the Withdrawal Agreement and Implementation Bill.

This is an important step in our negotiations with the EU and a strong display of sovereignty. The Bill will implement the major policies set out in our final deal with the EU, when it is reached, including citizens’ rights, any negotiated financial settlement and the details of an implementation period agreed between both sides.

Taking this action via an Act of Parliament will ensure that Parliament will be given time to debate, scrutinise and vote on the final agreement we strike with the EU. Parliamentary scrutiny of the exit process is of vital importance. It shows that government is listening to the people, and indeed having power returned to Government was a crucial factor for people voting Leave in the first place.

Finally, that the scrutiny of this new Bill does not change the Government’s commitment to give both Houses a meaningful vote on the final deal. This vote will take place as soon as possible after the final deal is agreed and before the European Parliament votes on it. There cannot be any doubt that Parliament will be involved at every step of our exit from the EU and the decision of the 2016 referendum to leave the European Union will be enacted.

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