My tribute to Jo Cox MP


My tribute to Jo Cox MP

This week’s update will not include any of my work.

Jo Cox, our fellow colleague of 2015 vintage, was murdered in a targetted attack in her constituency on Thursday morning.

I did not know Jo particularly well. I was aware she was a fellow boat-dweller with her young family, and I met her briefly on tuesday as she busily went about her duties in Westminster Palace.

She was clearly the epitome of the modern politician; inspiring previous career; over qualified, full of empathy, determination and devotion to public service. I cannot comprehend the scale of the loss and devastation currently being experienced by her husband and two young children.

I have made no secret over this first year of my view of the quality and rhetoric of some political debates in Britain today. I have made no secret of my views of how Members of Parliament who dedicate their lives, their families and their careers to pubilc service and helping others, are perceived and treated by the minority, fuelled by those who should know better.

My short experiences have been negligible when compared to others. Even in this short time however, I have struggled to comprehend some of the vitriol and abuse meted out to some of my colleagues, who I humbly admire for their experience, character, causes, resolution, cheerfulness and dedication.

That Jo’s family, who supported her in her public life in pursuit of other people’s happiness have lost their wife and mother, is a tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are solely with them, her colleagues and her friends.

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