National Funding Formulae seeks to bring ‘fairer funding’ to schools in Plymouth


National Funding Formulae seeks to bring ‘fairer funding’ to schools in Plymouth

The National Funding Formulae currently being consulted upon seeks to bring fairer funding allocations to schools. While this doesn’t provide new money to the system, instead more fairly distributing the overall funding allocated, it is generally good news for schools in Plymouth which have historically been underfunded. 

On the whole, Plymouth Moor View benefits by 4.3%, with the Plymouth local authority area benefitting by 5.3%. Generally, this has been welcomed within Plymouth and the city is in the top ten for areas in the country who benefit as a result of these changes. Part of this is no doubt due to the underfunding that Plymouth has historically experienced, but nonetheless is a positive step forwards seeing more equal recognition for urban areas.

Unfortunately, the argument surrounding these changes has become very conflicted with rural areas who have traditionally benefitted unhappy with the loss of the extra funding they saw at the expense of places such as Plymouth.

Having met the Schools Minister, Nick Gibb MP, repeatedly in the last 6 months to ensure that the Government gives Plymouth the attention and consideration it deserves, I am confident that these changes will be a benefit for Plymouth and will see the majority of Plymouth schools see an increase in funding.


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