Plymouth ‘Brain Drain’ conference 2016 in association with MSubs ltd and Mego employment

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Plymouth ‘Brain Drain’ conference 2016 in association with MSubs ltd and Mego employment

Johnny Mercer MP will be hosting a ‘brain drain’ conference later this year to tackle issues surrounding the reasons why so many skilled young people and graduates leave Plymouth each year to find work

Today, Friday 22 April, Johnny Mercer MP announced Plymouth’s first ‘brain drain conference’ targeted at retaining talented young aspirational people in Plymouth in an effort to overcome the lures dragging so many away.

The conference, organised by Johnny in association with MSubs Ltd and Mego Employment, is seeking to bring together key employers, recruiters, and educational professionals to address this key and widely recognised issue.

Mr Mercer, said:

“We desperately need to address why our brilliant young people feel they need to leave Plymouth to find gainful employment after they have graduated or finished their training.

“There are lots of varied businesses and employers right here in Plymouth, but many young people feel the need to move away to start careers and build a life.

“This conference will aim to look at what can be done in both the public and private sector to encourage young people to stay in Plymouth and build their career.”

Brett Phaneuf, Business Development Director at MSubs Ltd, said:

“It is important for us, as well as every other Plymouth employer, to be able to attract the best possible candidates when looking for new employees. It is disappointing to see so many talented young people leave the area to pursue their career when there are so many fantastic opportunities right here in Plymouth.”

“This conference will give us the opportunity to discuss the reasons why so many young people decide to leave and to come up with a plan to

ensure that they understand the benefits of staying within this area and are aware of the many opportunities available to them.”

Chris Leonard, MD of Mego employment, said:

“At Mego Employment we help local employers hire and job hunters get hired. And the issue that really stands out about the employment market right now, despite the record numbers of new jobs being created UK wide, is that local people are finding it very difficult to find the sort of local jobs they want and perversely, local employers are struggling to attract the calibre of staff they need. This ‘disconnect’ needs to be addressed albeit it’s a complex issue that could take years to remedy. But we need to make a start by bringing all relevant parties together to talk and start planning the solution. The Brain Drain Conference is an essential first step”.


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