Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust awarded £26m from Department of Health STP capital funding


Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust awarded £26m from Department of Health STP capital funding

Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust have been awarded an indicative funding amount of just over £26m to allow them to develop new facilities for undertaking Interventional Radiology, (IR) procedures, especially Endovascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR) in order to meet the EVAR guidance and recommendations from the National Clinical Director and the NHS Improvement team.

The scheme utilises the existing lightwell space adjacent to X-ray East, providing the option for a new build facility to enhance, replace and extend the existing life expired and insufficient IR provision.

As a Major Trauma Centre the Trust has also encountered an increase in the volume and complexity of work coming into ED, increasing the requirement to provide Interventional Radiology facilities adjacent to resuscitation.

An increase in hybrid theatres with full imaging capability is viewed as essential to support the growing demand in interventional procedures.  Increasing capacity will enable a greater number of patients to have an interventional procedure which compared to open surgery has a positive impact for the patient leading to less trauma and complications, reduced morbidity and mortality, shorter recovery time and less pain. There is also a reduction in length of stay and anaesthesia requirement, therefore reducing the impact on other hospital services.

Speaking on the announcement, Johnny Mercer MP, said:

“Following my visit with the Chief Executive of NHS England on Friday, I am pleased to see this morning’s news of a £26m funding allocation to Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust.

“I am only too aware of the excellent and dedicated healthcare professionals we have working in this city and I know how important it is they receive the proper support they need from the government to go on providing the top-quality care we have come to expect in Plymouth.

“These announcements are never one-off occurrences and dealing with the challenges faced by our country’s health system is one of my top priorities and has been for some time. Hopefully, this award will deliver tangible benefits for Radiology services in Plymouth and across the county while we continue looking at ways to better support and improve healthcare.”

Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt MP, said:

“Johnny has been a tenacious champion of healthcare delivery in Plymouth and I am pleased Simon Stevens was able to visit the city last week to see first-hand the work is going on there. I know the both he and Johnny were there for the formal opening of the new Jan Cutting Health and Wellbeing Centre which is to play a central part of the exciting new landscape for healthcare delivery in Plymouth. Today’s announcement is designed to further support healthcare delivery in Plymouth with the transformation of the creating four new interventional Radiology theatres and looking more long-term by investing in more modern technology.”


Notes to Editors:

  1. The Lightwell development affects many different parts of the hospital including ED, Imaging, Vascular, neurology and pain and therefore is considered a key Trust wide strategic project.
  2. High level benefits and improved outcomes for the Trust include:
    • Improved outcomes for patients
    • Reduced demand for inpatient beds through increased use of minimally invasive interventional procedures, assisting in the achievement of A&E, RTT and Cancer standards and reducing costs.
    • Improved working environment
    • Meeting the EVAR guidance
    • Meeting the NHS improvement team feedback requirements
    • Meeting the requirements as a hub for trauma and a Major Trauma Centre.
  3. It is proposed to infill a current lightwell to provide 2 full image capable theatres on Level 4, plant on Level 5, two further image capable theatres on Level 6, Day Case accommodation on Level 7 and plant on Level 8 Roof.
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