Plymouth MP calls on government to address health funding shortfall in the House of Commons

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Plymouth MP calls on government to address health funding shortfall in the House of Commons

Today, Wednedsay 11 October, Moor View MP, Johnny Mercer, called on Health Ministers in the House of Commons departmental question time to address the chronic underfunding of health services in Plymouth.

Referring to the Northern, Eastern and Western Devon CCG, Mr Mercer and the Minister both hailed the innovative steps taken by Plymouth to address health inequalities within the city. Yet referring to a £30m shortfall between the calculated spend versus the actual spend, the MP called for an agreement to be put into writing to address and correct this shortfall as part of the Wider Devon Sustainability and Transformation Plan.

The Minister responded by saying that ‘Plymouth had gone further and faster than many parts of the country in terms of health and social care integration’ and committed to visit the city to learn more about the work done here.

The question comes as part of a larger campaign by the Plymouth MP to address under funding on various forms of health care within Plymouth.

Earlier in the year, Mercer took the Director of Public Health at Plymouth City Council to meet with the Chief Executive of Public Health England to make the case for better funding for Plymouth.

Following on from his question in the House of Commons. Mr Mercer has written to the Minister to reinforce the case for Plymouth and put in place plans for him to visit Plymouth’s healthcare front line.



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