The Opportunism of Nigel Farage Stinks


The Opportunism of Nigel Farage Stinks

This EU debate has divided us all. After I came out to remain on Sunday, my name was trending at No. 3 on Twitter in the United Kingdom. Almost all of them must never have heard of me.

But they all had an opinion on this issue of singularly critical importance. People are itching to have their say, and both campaigns must improve to ensure that the British people actually turn out to vote. Because the single most disappointing outcome would be low turn-out.

This issue will affect all of us in this proud nation of ours, and millions of people around the world are watching to see what we do.

The dizzying array of sums of money passing between the British and EU economy – in both directions it would seem – have left me rather confused. The claims and counter-claims of immigration have left me uncomfortable.

Here’s the truth. Immigration will continue to be a challenge, whether we remain or stay in the EU. In a more mobile, better connected world, the migration of human beings in – both directions – is only going to increase.

But the opportunism of individuals like Nigel Farage appearing on a beach in Kent the morning after some poor migrants have been rescued, then running through the local market shouting ‘We want our Country back’, frankly stinks.

It isn’t me, and it isn’t British.

And on the economy, please point me to an economic expert that most of us have heard of, someone who most of us can recognise, who says leaving the EU will boost our economy. Economic shocks, downturns and recessions always hit the same group the hardest – the most vulnerable in our society, the group I work for every day to make their lives better. Can I risk that, for a nirvana that no-one can quite picturize for me?

I understand the arguments to leave – I’m not deaf to it. The EU is far from perfect. Every decision is a balance – those who claim it is not have not understood it properly. The balance is clear on this one. The future is brighter than our past; let’s not wreck it.

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